Fass Sauger-Reiniger

DrumvacNimatic Cleaner NC-200 and Nimatic Reversible Cleaner NRC-200 driven by compressed Air. Tested and set to a Max. Safety pressure (in drum) of 0,25 Bar, with a running pressure of 2 Bar. This secured by a pilot valve inside the unit. This pilot valve must be checked on regularly basis (ex. every half year). This is very easy to check, by unscrewing the top and push with a finger on pilot to check if it maneuvers free.
Max. operating pressure 2,5 Bar.
Recommended operating pressure 2 Bar.

Suction/reverse unit NRC-200 provided with:
1. Ball Valve
2. Reverse button
3. "Exhaust" Filter
4. Flood Stop (protects against flooding)
5. Riser pipe (cut in appropriate length)
6. Tube bending / Adapter
7. 1,5 meter Hose
8. Transition piece
9. Extention
10. Corner (narrow passages) mouthpiece
11. Floor / Tank mouthpiece